Perception of a nursing team in the implantation of a reception with risk classification sector for pregnant women

Silas Santos Carvalho Bruno Rodrigues de Oliveira Camila Silva Oliveira do Nascimento Carla Tatiane de Souza Gois Iasmim Oliveira Pinto About the authors



to analyze the perception of a nursing team in the implantation of a Reception with Risk Classification (RRC) sector for pregnant women.


a descriptive cross-sectional study with a qualitative approach performed in a private hospital and linked to the Public Health System in Feira de Santana city in Bahia State in 2016. 10 nursing team professionals participated in the study that provided direct care for the pregnant women who were in labor and in puerperium. A semi-structured questionnaire was applied with questions identifying and characterizing their sociodemographic profile and an interview addressing questions about RRC sector, the advantages of implanting RRC sector to care for the pregnant women in labor and the possible changes in the implantation in the professionals’ routine.


the interviewees recognize that the RSRC is a way to administrate in the health services, reorganizing the work process, ensuring the quality of care, so its implementation is useful to differentiate care for pregnant women, with humanization and sensitivity, and create a bond among the professionals and the health users.


the implementation of the RRC sector establishes improvement that ensures a relationship of trust among the health users and the professionals and the effectiveness of care for pregnancy emergencies and urgencies.

Key words
Reception; Classification; Pregnant women

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