Profiles of work accidents occurred at Araçatuba municipality between year 2000 and 2001

Eduardo Pizzatto Cléa Adas Saliba Garbin Magno Amadei About the authors

The aim of this study consists in describing the profile of the work accidents occurred at Araçatuba-SP municipality between year 2000 and 2001. For this, Communications of Work Accidents (CAT) emitted during this period were analyzed, as well as the pertinent information transcribed in specific formulary that was designed by a statistic software Epi-Info version 6.04, used for the organization and the analysis of the data. Seven hundreds and seventy two CAT were analyzed, from which 656 corresponded to the occurrence of typical accidents, 92 to path accidents and 24 to occupational diseases. The average of the age of the victims was 32.42 years (SD = 10.88) and the average of working time until the moment of the accidents was 4.15 hours (SD = 2.73). With regard to the gender, 632 accidents (81.9%) occurred with male workers, and 140 (18.1%) with female workers. The present study shows a high prevalence of work accidents classified as typical, in addition to a higher prevalence among male workers.

work accidents; occupational health; occupational accidents registry

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