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Behavioral monitoring as a measure of occupational and environmental exposure to toxic agents

André Amaral Bravin Lucas Codina de Souza David Alan Eckerman Diane Schertler Rohlman About the authors



behavior, as a biological function of the organism, can be studied by neuropsychology, as this science seeks to identify, characterize, and understand the variables that affect it, such as exposure to toxic agents.


to support the idea that human behavior can be used as a measure to identify and evaluate environmental and occupational exposure to toxic agents.


based on a non-systematic literature review in the field of behavioral toxicology.


we sought to characterize the behavioral approach as a measurement alternative for epidemiological studies and presented some neurobehavioral measures and evaluation techniques. We discussed the importance and limitations of standardizing neurobehavioral test batteries and exemplified their potential use in toxicological screening with solvents (hexane).


behavioral toxicology is an important field of study for occupational health. Behavioral evaluations can be used for early detection and prevention of occupational injuries, in order to offer subsidies for safer production processes development.

toxicology; behavioral toxicology; hexane; neuropsychological screening; occupational health

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