Outsourced cleaning workers: between resentment and the recognition

Sandra Francisca Bezerra Gemma Marta Fuentes-Rojas Maurílio José Barbosa Soares About the authors



to analyze the perception of the outsourced cleaning workers from a public university on their work activity and to determine their work ability index.


three tools were used - Collective Work Analysis; a social-demographic, occupational and lifestyle questionnaire; and Work Ability Index (WAI).


from the 22 cleaning workers, six presented low and moderated WAI, which shows that they are in a vulnerable position. Besides the physical demands, the workers’ complaints were about psychosocial risks, specially related to stress and workplace bullying. Discussion: The cleaning workers believe in the quality value that their activities add to the university and expressed resentment by the lack of recognition from the managers and users of the institution. It is clear that the university needs to intervene in those work conditions so that workers can maintain their work capacity and well being.

collective work analysis; work ability index; outsourcing; occupational health

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