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Mental health education at work: worker’s protagonism within unions

Larissa Campagna Martini Alana de Paiva Nogueira Fornereto Guilherme Sequeto João Alberto Camarotto Vivian Aline Mininel About the authors



to report an extension activity on mental health at work, based on Health Education strategies, conducted by university professors-upon request by the Steelworkers Union-with participation of industrial workers, in São Paulo, Brazil.


carried out by professors and workers, the planning resulted in five meetings based on Health Education participative strategies. Throughout the process, adjustments were made aimed at the demands that arose in the meetings.


the discussions included (a) emerging issues in mental health, (b) depression, anxiety and alcohol/drug use, (c) municipal Psychosocial Care Network, (d) mental health at work. Moreover, based on previous experiences in the daily work routine, the participant reflected on the importance of early identification of mental suffering, the need for a support network among workers, and the organization of the care flow within the municipal Psychosocial Care Network.


the partnership between workers, the Union and university proved to be an important tool to develop Health Education actions and strengthen worker’s protagonism.

occupational health; unions; health education; mental health; work

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