Ruminal degradability of shell of pods of the lima bean (“Phaseolus lunatus” L.) ammoniated with urea

Raimundo Nonato Pereira da SILVA Arnaud Azevêdo ALVES Bruno Spindola GARCEZ Miguel Arcanjo MOREIRA FILHO Maria Elizabete de OLIVEIRA Antônia Leidiana MOREIRA Danielle Maria Machado Ribeiro AZEVÊDO Henrique Nunes PARENTE About the authors


This study aimed to evaluate the dry matter, crude protein and neutral detergent fiber ruminal degradability of shell pods of lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) ammoniated with four levels of urea (0; 2; 4 and 6% in dry matter basis). Three adult cattle Girolando breed, with 400±5,3kg of body weight fistulated with ruminal cannula were utilized. Ammoniation of shell of pods of the lima bean as 6% urea resulted in higher crude protein content (15.7%) of shell pods and degradability of crude protein (91.7%). Potential degradation of dry matter increased (P<0.05) with the incubation time, reaching 85.1% at 48 h of incubation, although the ammoniation not promoted significant changes in ruminal degradation kinetics of this constituent. Regarding the kinetics of ruminal degradation of neutral detergent fiber, ammoniation with 6% urea decreased by approximately 1 h in the lag time, although no influence has verified to other parameters of neutral detergent fiber degradation, with degradation rate compatible with the characteristics of fibrous feeds (about 3% h−1). The lima bean shell pods of presents high degradation rate, consisting in a bulky feed of good quality, although considered a waste of culture. Ammoniation of shell pods of lima bean with urea does not promote improvement in dry matter degradability, although result in improvement of total nitrogen available to microrganisms in the rumen, with improve the neutral detergent fiber degradability, and the level of 6% more suitable for treatment in this bulky.

ammoniation; coproduct; in situ degradation; Phaseolus lunatus

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