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Use of sugarcane in ruminant nutrition

Gustavo Rezende Siqueira Marcella de Toledo Piza Roth Matheus Henrique Moretti João Marcos Beltrame Benatti Flávio Dutra de Resende About the authors

The objective of this review is to highlight the important aspects of the usage of sugar cane to feed ruminants. Sugar cane is forage that presents high productivity body per area, meaning the main advantage of its usage. However, its daily cut accounts in hindrance. Chemical treatment of sugar cane in natura or silage are alternative options but there also limitations. Sugar cane is considered forage of low nutritional value. This review aims at bringing about new interpretations for these nutritional limitations considering new aspects. Finally, scientific works will be presented to demonstrate the potential usage of sugar cane as roughages.

beef cattle; dairy cattle; ensiled; roughages

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