Environmental and genetic aspects of reproductive and productive traits in dairy goats using Gibbs sampling

This study aimed to evaluate the use of mineral and mineral protein supplement in finishing phase Nellore, grazing Brachiaria brizantha during the rainy season, and its implications for forage intake, animal performance and nutrient digestibility. The fieldwork was located in an area of 26 ha, divided into four paddocks of approximately 6.5 hectares (ha), formed with Brachiaria brizantha Marandu. We used 18 Nellore with 28 months live weight of 400.5 ± 7.5kg and castrated in two treatments: mineral supplementation until the termination, and mineral supplementation of low protein intake to termination. There was no effect on the consumption of pasture, neutral detergent fiber, crude protein, ether extract, non-fiber carbohydrates, ash and total digestible nutrients. The animal performance and feed conversion were not affected by supplementation. There was no effect on the coefficient of digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, crude protein, ether extract and neutral detergent fiber. There was an effect of protein salt supplementation on the digestibility of non-fiber carbohydrates. In the rainy season the utilization of mineral salt allows the use of animals in pastures.

goats; bayesian inference; genetic parameters; variance components

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