Silages and hays in association with spineless cactus for lactating cows. Intake, digestibility and performance

Walmir Lima Wanderley Marcelo de Andrade Ferreira Ângela Maria Vieira Batista Antonia Sherlânea Chaves Véras Djalma Cordeiro dos Santos Stela Antas Urbano Safira Valença Bispo About the authors

The aim of the present experiment was to assess the effect of the association of the spineless cactus with sunflower silage, sorghum silage, leucena hay, pigeon pea hay or elephant grass hay on intake, apparent digestibility of nutrients and milk yield and composition in crossbred lactating cows. Five cows with average body weight and daily milk yield of 516.1 and 11.1kg, respectively. The intakes of dry matter, organic matter, crude protein, total carbohydrates and non-fibrous carbohydrates, milk yield, contents and yield (kg/day) of fat, protein and total solids of milk and digestibility of crude protein and non-fibrous carbohydrates were not influenced by the combination of the silage and hay with cactus. The ether extract intake, fat-corrected milk yield and feed efficiency were higher to treatment with sunflower silage compared to hays. The neutral detergent fiber intake was higher in the treatment with elephant grass hay compared to sunflower silage. Sunflower silage produced higher fat-corrected milk and better feed efficiency when compared to hay.

energy; milk yield; non-fibrous carbohydrates; protein; Opuntia fícus indica; roughage

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