Environmental effects on reproductive traits in Santa Ines sheep

In this research we aimed to study environmental effects about litter size and weaning rate in Santa Ines sheep by means of generalized linear models. We used the data from experimental sheep herd of Santa Ines, of the Federal University of Piaui, Campus Professora Cinobelina Elvas, in Bom Jesus-PI, during 2008-2010. The environmental effects studied were: mating year, mating station, birth season, birth type, offspring sex, ewe age at birth, ewe weight at birth and birth weight as covariate. For statistical analysis we used the GENMOD procedure contained in SAS. Mean values for litter size and weaning rates were 1.36 and 68.18% respectively. The effect of ewe weight was significant about the litter size. There was no significant effect of birth season on the weaning rate. Correlations between productive and reproductive traits ranged from negative to positive low magnitude. The effects of ewe weight at birth and birth weight were important sources of variation for litter size and weaning rates, which reflects the need to consider these effects in models of genetic and phenotypic evaluation.

birth season; fixed effects; hairless sheep; litter size

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