Carcass characteristics of lambs fed diets with inclusion of sugar cane dry yeast

José Teodorico de ARAÚJO FILHO Philipe Lima de AMORIM Ironaldo Alvares MONTEIRO Fábio Luiz FREGADOLLI José Denison Marinho RIBEIRO About the authors

The objective was estimate the effects of replacing soybean meal by dry yeast sugarcane on carcass characteristics and non-carcass of lambs finished in feedlot. We evaluated four treatments (0.0, 33.0, 66.0 and 100.0%) consisting of sugar cane dry yeast inclusion levels to replace soybean meal in an experimental randomized complete block design with nine repetitions. The replacement of soybean meal by sugar cane dry yeast decreased linearly constituents non-carcass, dry matter intake, daily weight gain, body weight at slaughter, conformation, degree of completion of the carcasses, carcass yield and meat cuts. The inclusion of sugar cane dry yeast did not affect the color of thelongissimus dorsi and kidney fat, while for rib eye area, renal pelvic fat and body condition, whereas if included sugar cane dry yeast there was a decrease of these variables. Gross margin decreased by lamb as it included the sugar cane dry yeast in the diet. The replacement of soybean meal by sugar cane dry yeast sugarcane negatively affects carcass and non-carcasscharacteristics of lambs.

agribusiness; byproducts; replacement; Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Santa Ines

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