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Fermentation characteristics and chemical composition of sorghum silage in function of nitrogen fertilization

Carlos Henrique Oliveira Macedo Albericio Pereira de Andrade Edson Mauro Santos Divan Soares da Silva Thiago Carvalho da Silva Ricardo Loiola Edvan About the authors

Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the fermentation characteristics and chemical composition of sorghum silage. In the first experiment the fermentative profile of sorghum silages in response to nitrogen fertilization was evaluated using a completely randomized design, in split-plot scheme with five doses of nitrogen (in the plot) and six opening times (in the subplot). The nitrogen levels were 0; 50; 100; 150 and 200kg/ha and the opening times were: 1; 3; 7; 14; 28and 49 days after ensiling. In the second experiment the variations in the chemical composition of sorghum silages was evaluated. The experimental design was randomized blocks with five repetitions, and the treatments consisted on the same levels of fertilization of first experiment. Dry matter increased linearly with the nitrogen and the fermentation period. The pH increased linearly as a function of nitrogen and showed a quadratic response as a function of fermentation period. The N- NH3 values showed a quadratic response both to nitrogen as for the opening day. Organic matter increased linearly and mineral matter decreased. Lignin responded linearly to increasing nitrogen fertilization. The hemicellulose decreased linearly. The dry matter, pH and ammonia values show efficacy in the silage fermentation process independent of nitrogen level used. The use of fertilizer is an interesting practice, which increases plant productivity without changing the chemical composition of the silage. Nevertheless, for the most economic treatment, is indicated the use of 150kg of nitrogen per hectare.

ammonia; fibrin; pH; protein

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