Dry matter production and nutritive value of Tifton 85 hay fertilized with nitrogen and harvested at 35 days

Loreno Egidio Taffarel Eduardo Eustáquio Mesquita Deise Dalazen Castagnara Paulo Sérgio Rabello de Oliveira Newton Tavares Escocard de Oliveira Sandra Galbeiro Patrícia Barcellos Costa About the authors

This study aimed to evaluate the stages of production of Tifton 85 hay fertilized with five rates of nitrogen after each cutting in the form of urea in coverage. The dehydration of the first harvest took place for six days in a shed due to weather conditions and the dehydration of the second harvest occurred in the field during two days. The experimental design was a randomized block design with split plot, and the plots (5m x 3m) were the doses of nitrogen (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100kg ha-1 crop-1) and the subplots steps hay production (cutting, baling, and storage). The nitrogen increased the height and dry matter production per hectare, the crude protein (CP) and acid detergent insoluble protein (PIDA) and neutral (NDIP). The drying in a shed for six days was insufficient for the material to reach 850g kg-1 DM at the time of baling. Between the stages of cut and 30 days of storage, the hay dehydrated in shed increased levels of neutral detergent fiber, detergent fiber acid, the PIDA, NDIP and lignin and decreased in 18.9% the CP levels. Ocurred a decrease in in vitro digestibility of dry matter (DM) in 32.72% between the step of cut and 30 days of storage for dry hay in the shed, while there was no significant change in IVDMD and CP for dry hay in two days in the field.

Cynodon spp.; haymaking; quality of forage

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