Influence of the period of year on the chemical composition and digestibility of pasture and fodder selected by goats in caatinga

Influência da época do ano na composição química e digestibilidade do pasto e da forragem selecionados por caprinos na caatinga

Messias José dos Santos SILVA Dulciene Karla de Andrade SILVA André Luiz Rodrigues MAGALHÃES Kedes Paulo PEREIRA Érica Carla Lopes da SILVA Fábia Simone Bezerra CORDEIRO Claudia Tenório de NORONHA Kelly Cristina dos SANTOS About the authors


This study aimed to verify the influence of months on chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of pasture and forage selected by goats in the semiarid region of Brazil’s Pernambuco state. Six male goats fistulated in the rumen were used in a completely randomized design. Forage collection was conducted in herbaceous and shrub/tree layers, in order to simulate goat grazing, and materials were separated into leaves and branches. Extrusa and pasture collections were held in November, January and February/March. There was collection month (P <0.05) effect for pasture on dry matter (DM), crude protein (CP), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber (ADF), with average values of 458.27g/kg NM and 155.46, 521.30 and 390.13g/kg DM, respectively. For the stem (P <0.05) for DM, Organic matter (OM), mineral matter (MM), ethereal stratum (EE), ADF, acid detergent unavailable protein (AIP), total carbohydrates (TCHO) and dry matter in vitro digestibility (DMIVD), with average values of 487.47g/kg NM and 930.80, 69.07, 20.67, 440.30 and 63.78g/kg DM, respectively. About the extrusa, there was collection time effect (P <0.05) on the DM, OM, MM, CP, EE, AIP, TCHO, Non-fibrous carbohydrates (NFC) and DMIVD, with average values of 84.53g/kg DM, 863.03, 136.97, 152.90, 33.60, 14.07, 676.37 and 55.35g/kg DM, respectively. Rainfall changes in the rainy season in the caatinga altered pasture quality, causing changes in the diet selected by goats, mainly in DM, CP, CNF and DMIVD.

food; extrusa; native pasture; semiarid region

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