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Feeding behavior of Pantaneiras heifers kept in feedlot


The objective this work was to evaluate the intake and physiological behavior of heifers of the Pantaneira (Bos Taurus taurus) breed, feedlot and fed with different types of hay and concentrate, in a ratio in dry matter of 60:40 %, respectively. Fifteen animals, with an average initial weight of 298 kg and 30 months of age, were distributed through completely randomized design in three batches, with five replicates. The hays were: hay of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Piata, hay of Panicum maximum cv. Massai, and hay of leguminous Stylosantes capitata/macrocephalacv. Campo Grande. All diets had similar energy and protein content of 63.3% Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) and 12.5% Crude Protein (CP) and were fed twice a day, ad libitum. The observations of ingestive behavior and physiology were made in three batteries of 48 hours each, an interval of 28 days, totaling 144 hours. The data were interpreted by analysis of variance and Tukey test. There weren’t influences of forage in feeding times, rumination, sleeping and interacting; efficiencies in feeding and rumination, water intake and excretion in urine and feaces, and all variables are statistically similar. Therefore, the use of either type of hay in the diet is recommended Pantaneiras heifers.

ethology; hay; nutrients; livestock

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