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Bioeconomic efficiency of beef cattle at feedlot


It was aimed to evaluate the dry matter intake (DMI), total weight gain (TWG) and the bioeconomic efficiency of feedlot beef cattle with different body weights in dry and rainy season. Records of DMI, TWG, feed conversion (FC), feed efficiency (EA), lot size and feedlot length of stay (LS) of 13,686 beef cattle males with predominance of Nelore blood finished the year 2009, were used to discriminate possible differences in input weight (up to 350kg or above 350kg) and the season (dry or water). There was no effect on the season (rainy x dry) to DMI and TWG of independent animals, regardless of weight class that showed differences, with the lighter animals presented lower DMI and higher TWG and therefore higher efficiency than animals with higher higher starting weights of feedlot. The purchase price per head affects highly on value per head for the exit of feedlot which is dependent on dry matter intake and total weight gain for maximizing revenue.

canonical variable; feed efficiency; intake; performance

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