Physical evaluation, morphological and identification of seminal proteins in Santa Ines sheep

Avaliação física, morfológica e identificação de proteínas seminais em ovinos da raça Santa Inês

Marilza Assunção de OLIVEIRA Roseane Pinto Martins de OLIVEIRA Ana Rita de LIMA Edmar Vaz de ANDRADE Jan Sidarta Lima de ABREU Franklyn Ferreira de OLIVEIRA About the authors


This study aimed to identify proteins in the seminal plasma associated with fertility in sheep of Santa Inês in Manaus, AM, using twodimensional electrophoresis techniques associated with mass spectrometry. Semen samples from eight adult sheep were collected by removing an aliquot for the physical and morphological assessments of semen and seminal plasma was subjected to SDS-PAGE profile and two-dimensional electrophoresis. Gels were stained with colloidal Coomassie, scanned and analyzed using ImageMaster 2D Platinum software, version 6.0. The selected individual spots were cut from the master gel, digested with trypsin and subjected to identification by mass spectrometry (MALDITof / Tof). Of the 108 spots detected in the gel, it selected 10 differential spots (based on the distribution thereof in the bidimensional gel and pre-analysis of the 2D ImageMaster Platinum Software) identifying 03 proteins: clusterin, a protein 14-3-3 zeta chain and Ram Seminal versicles 22kDa Protein. The identity of these proteins implies that the components of seminal plasma participate in physiological processes involved in sperm protection, motility and sperm capacitation, all associated with fertility. These proteins need to be better studied to see whether the same could be used as molecular markers of fertility as they were also found in other studies conducted with sheep Santa Ines.

fertility; seminal plasma; two-dimensional electrophoresis

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