Super-refractory status epilepticus and ketogenic diet in intensive care: a series report

João Camões Ana Hipólito Reis Liliana Sousa Ernestina Gomes About the authors


Super-refractory status epilepticus is defined as seizures that persist or reemerge in the setting of an intravenous anesthetic infusion for more than 24 hours. In recent years, attention has been driven to the potential benefits of a ketogenic diet in the management of these patients. However, the specific role of this strategy in the adult population, as well as its underlying mechanism of action and optimal time for the initiation and management of complications, remain widely debatable. We report a case series of three patients admitted to an intensive care unit due to super-refractory status epilepticus who were managed with a ketogenic diet and propose a clinical approach to its initiation, transition, and management of clinical intercurrences.

Status epilepticus; Diet; ketogenic; Epilepsy; Critical care; Intensive care units

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