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The use of a noninvasive intracranial pressure monitoring method in the intensive care unit to improve neuroprotection in postoperative cardiac surgery patients after extracorporeal circulation


Brain injury caused by extracorporeal circulation during cardiovascular surgical procedures has been a recurring complication since the implementation of extracorporeal circulation five decades ago. There is no unique cause of brain injury due to the use of extracorporeal circulation, but it is known that brain injury affects about 70% of patients who undergo this procedure. Intracranial pressure assessment is one method that can guide the management of patients undergoing procedures associated with neurological disturbances. This study describes two cases of patients who underwent cardiovascular surgery with extracorporeal circulation in whom clinical protocols for neuroprotection in the postoperative phase were guided by intracranial pressure waveform findings obtained with a novel noninvasive intracranial pressure monitoring method.

Cardiovascular surgical procedures; Brain injuries; Intracranial pressure; Extracorporeal circulation; Neuroprotection; Critical care

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