Performance and carcass yield of broilers fed diets containing rice by-products, formulated based on crude and ideal protein concepts

One experiment was conducted to evaluate the utilization of rice by-products in diets based on crude and ideal protein concepts for broilers from 1 to 42 days of age. Seven hundred and twenty male chicks, one day old, Hybro strain, were distributed in a completely randomized design in a 3 × 2 factorial arrangment, three diets (without by-product, whole rice meal and broken rice) and two ration formulation concepts (crude and ideal protein), totalizing six treatments and four replications of 30 birds. Weight gain, feed intake and feed:gain ratio were evaluated at 21 and 42 days, and carcass characteristics at 42 days of age. In conclusion, birds fed diets formulated by the traditional concept (based on crude protein) showed better feed:gain ratio and lower deposition rate of abdominal fat.

broken rice; digestible amino acids; performance; whole rice meal

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