Post-weaning nelore cattle grazing Brachiaria brizantha with protein supplement or free access to a protein bank of Leucaena leucocephala: animal performance

Marcelo Queiroz Manella Antônio João Lourenço Paulo Roberto Leme About the authors

The performance of 192 weaned Nelore steers grazing on Brachiaria brizantha pastures(Teste), or supplemented during the dry season (Seca), all year around (Ano) or with free access to a leucaena bank (Banco), was evaluated in a random block design with four replications. The dry season supplement had 46.9% CP, 70% rumen degradable, and the wet season supplement, 43.9% CP, 60% degradable. During the dry season, the animals of Ano and Seca showed higher gains than Banco and Teste (.534 and .486 vs .277 and .201 kg/day, respectively). In the wet season animals on Ano and Bank had higher gains than Seca and Teste (.782 and .741 vs .584 and .645 kg/day). The live weight gain per unit of area showed the same behavior of daily gain. Supplements with escape protein or access to a leucaena bank during the wet season showed an efficient alternative.

average daily gain; beef cattle; escape protein; feed supplement; protein bank; grazing; wet season

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