New genera and species of Mesembrinellinae (Diptera, Calliphoridae) from Costa Rica and Venezuela

Sionei R. Bonatto Luciane Marinoni About the authors

The following new taxa are described: Henriquella gen. nov. (type-species Mesembrinella spicata from Costa Rica, La Suiza), Giovanella gen. nov. with Giovanella bolivar sp. nov. (type-species) from Venezuela, Bolivar, and Huascaromusca lara sp. nov. Venezuela, Lara. Mesembrinella spicata Aldrich, 1925 formerly considered as synonym of Calliphora xanthorrhina Bigot, 1887, is reinstated and transferred into Henriquella gen. nov., becoming Henriquella spicata (Aldrich, 1925) sp. rev., comb. nov. Illustrations of the holotypes, including the respective terminalia, are also given.

Blowflies; Neotropical; systematic; taxonomy

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