Trapping, restraint and clinical-morphological traits of wild canids (Carnivora, Mammalia) from the Brazilian Cerrado

Captura, imobilização e parâmetros clínicos e morfológicos de canídeos silvestres (Carnivora, Mammalia) do Cerrado brasileiro

Nelson H. de A. Curi Sônia A. Talamoni About the authors

This article presents a simple, safe and efficient method for the capture and chemical immobilization of three species of wild canids from the Serra do Cipó National Park region, in the Cerrado biome of Southeastern Brazil. Morphological measurements and anesthesia data obtained during the captures are also described. Such data are essential due to the necessity for invasive research for monitoring programs, clinical cases analysis, and ecological or epidemiological investigations in wild or captive Neotropical canid populations.

Anesthesia; biometry; Canidae; capture; Serra do Cipó National Park

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