Mansonia spp. (Mansoniini, Culicidae) activity in a restrict forest inside Curitiba urban area (Paraná, Brazil)

Mario Antonio Navarro-Silva Andreia Aparecida Barbosa Daniéla Calado About the authors

Vegetation islands surrounded by urban areas can provide favourable conditions to the development of Culicidae population. In Regional Iguaçu Park (Curitiba, Paraná) there are many lakes with aquatic plants that can be used by Mansoniini immatures. The aim of this investigation was to know the Mansonia Blanchard, 1901 species that are blood feeding during the day in a wood area inside the park. The mosquitoes captures were carried out from september, 1999 to august, 2000. Three species that belong to Mansonia were identified, and the percentages were: 74.7% de M. fonsecai (Pinto, 1932), 10.7% de M. wilsoni (Barreto & Coutinho, 1944) e 8.3% de M. tittilans (Walker, 1848). By the analysis of the activity hour, the species were collected during all the day in the same rhythm, and the hours mean were 9.5, 1.3 e 1.0, respectively.

Mansonia wilsoni; Mansonia tittilans; Mansonia fonsecai; vectors

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