Brazilian nematodes. Part IV: Nematodes of birds

Joaquim Júlio Vicente Henrique de Oliveira Rodrigues Delir Corrêa Gomes Roberto Magalhães Pinto About the authors

A survey of nematode species parasitizing Brazilian birds is presented, with enough data to provide their specific identification. The first section refers to the survey of the species, related to 17 superfamilies, 23 families, 75 genera and 257 species that are illustrated and measurement tables are given. The second section is concerned to the catalogue of host birds which includes 54 families. 361 species. and their respective parasite nematodes. The identification of these helminths is achieved by means of keys to the superfamilies. families and genera. Specific determination is induced through the figures and tables as above mentioned.

Nematodes; birds; Brazil

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