Preliminar list of the Punctoidea from the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, with description of two new species (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Stylommatophora)

Sergio Eduardo Miquel Rina Ramírez José Willibaldo Thomé About the authors

The partial list of the land snails Punctoidea from the "Centro de Pesquisas e Conservação da Natureza Pró-Mata" (São Francisco de Paula, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) (CPCN-PM) is presented herein. This list includes seven species, two of them new. The CPCN-PM is located between 600 and 950 m of altitude; it has a temperate super humid to humid climate, with 2,250 mm of annual rainfall and means annual temperature of 14.5ºC; three main phytoecological regions are present -mixed ombrophile forest, dense ombrophile forest and savanna. The taxa found are: Rotadiscus amancaezensis (Hidalgo, 1869), Lilloiconcha tucumana (Hylton Scott, 1963), Radiodiscus cuprinus Fonseca & Thomé, 2000, Radiodiscus tenellus Hylton Scott, 1957, Radiodiscus promatensis sp. nov., Zilchogyra gordurasensis (Thiele, 1927) and Zilchogyra zulmae sp. nov. The shell of R. promatensis sp. nov. is very small, almost flat, with very wide umbilicus, reniform aperture, teleoconch with spiral striae and 58-62 axial ribs on the body whorl. The shell of Z. zulmae sp. nov. is trochiform elevated, with five whorls with strong and widely spaced axial ribs (25-38), wide and perspective umbilicus and sub circular angled aperture. The charopid gastropod fauna from the CPCN-PM has three species known only from there (R. cuprinus, R. promatensis sp. nov. and Z. zulmae sp. nov.), another one with previous known distribution only in Paraguay (R. tenellus) and three common species (L. tucumana, R. amancaezensis and Z. gordurasensis) with distribution in other South American areas -mainly Yungas forests.

Charopidae; Helicodiscinae; Pulmonata; Rotadiscinae

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