Performance of broiler chickens reared at two stocking densities and coir litter with different height1 1 Trabalho de Monografia de conclusão do Curso de Graduação em Agronomia do terceiro autor apresentada na Universidade Federal do Ceará

Desempenho de frangos de corte criados em duas densidades de alojamento e cama de fibra de coco com diferentes alturas

Raffaella Castro Lima Ednardo Rodrigues Freitas Herbenson Marques Gomes Carlos Eduardo Braga Cruz Danilo Rodrigues Fernandes About the authors


The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of broiler chickens reared at two stocking densities and coir litter with different height. A total of 522 one-day male chicks were distributed in a completely randomized design in a 3×2 factorial arrangement, with three litter height (5, 10 and 15 cm) and two densities (10 and 13 birds/m2), with six triplicates. The experimental period lasted 42 days, evaluating pH and litter moisture; performance; carcass traits; bone quality; and intensities of breast, hock and footpad lesions in the birds. Regarding the effect of density, a significant influence was observed only on performance, wherein the birds reared at the density of 13 birds/m2 showed lower intake and weight gain and better feed conversion than those reared at the density of 10 birds/m2. Irrespective of the rearing density and litter height, the hock and footpad lesions were frequent, and with severe intensity. It is concluded that coir with 5 cm height can be used to housing up to 13 birds/m2; however, the high rate of hock and footpad lesions makes the use of coir in the evaluated form unfeasible.

Key words:
Seedor index; Bone quality; Carcass yield; Poultry litter

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