Sorption of Cd and Pb in soils of the Middle Region of Paraíba River - RJ, Brazil

Amanda Guimarães de Mattos Nelson Moura Brasil do Amaral Sobrinho Erica Souto Abreu Lima Jair do Nascimento Guedes Fábio Freire de Sousa About the authors


Metal concentrations in soil solution are mainly regulated by sorption processes. In this study, Cd and Pb sorption dynamics have been assessed for 19 soil samples from the Middle Region of Paraíba River - RJ, Brazil, through parameters of different models of isotherms obtained by the ISOFT software following a sorption testing using the batch method. Results showed that the linear isotherm is more appropriate to describe Cd sorption and the Freundlich model for Pb. Cd sorption is strongly affected by pH and concentrations of Fe and Ca; while Pb sorption is mostly influenced by pH and the concentrations of Mn and Ca.

Key words:
Heavy metals; Models of sorption; Isotherms

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