Level VI lymph nodes: an anatomic study of lymph nodes located between the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the right common carotid artery.

Samir Omar Saleh Flávio Carneiro Hojaij Ana Maria Itezeroti Cristina Pires Camargo Kassem Samir Saleh Mauro Figueiredo Carvalho de Andrade Flávia Emi Akamatsu Alfredo Luiz Jacomo About the authors



to describe the presence of lymph nodes and their relationships with demographic and anthropometric characteristics in a specific region, not yet described in anatomy compendiums, called by us Recurrent Carotid Recess (RCR) and located among the right recurrent laryngeal nerve, the right common carotid artery, and the right inferior thyroid artery.


32 right cervical regions were harvested from cadavers within 24 hours post-mortem. The fibro-fatty tissue of the RCR was resected and prepared with formalin fixation. It was then subjected to an increasing sequence of alcohols (70%, 80%, and 90%), subsequently to a solution of Xylol, and finally to a solution of Methyl Salicylate, respecting the time required for each step. The macroscopic study was carried out on the diaphanized piece, observing the presence or not of lymph nodes. When present, they were photographed and their measurements were gauged with a digital caliper. In the microscopic study, hematoxylin-eosin staining was used to confirm the lymph node.


the presence of lymph nodes was observed in 22 (68.75%) of the 32 specimens. The number of lymph nodes ranged from zero to six (mean of 1.56±0.29), per cadaver, and their mean size was 7.82mmx3.86mm (longitudinal x transversal diameters).


the relationship between anthropometric data and presence of lymph nodes in the RCR (Fisher’s exact test) was significant for medium-height individuals (p=0.03) and also white ones (p=0.04).

Cadaver; Carcinoma, Papillary; Anatomy Regional; Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve; Thyroid Gland

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