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Cytophotometric expressions of CASPASE-3 and CD-34 in breast cancer

OBJECTIVE: Describe, correlate and compare the expression of the tumor markers CD 34 (angiogenesis) and caspase-3 (apoptosis) in invasive breast adenocarcinoma, through image cytometry with the system SAMBA4000®. METHODS: Twenty-two cases of invasive breast adenocarcinoma from paraffin-embedded archival tissue, and after specific prepare, fifteen cases presented a satisfactory lecture with SAMBA4000® and could, finally, be evaluated by the software IMMUNO® (n = 15). The parameters analysed were the label index - in percentage, indicating the marked surface - and the optical density, in pixels - indicator of the marker intensity. The results were tabulated and expressed in averages, mediums, minimum and maximum values. The statistic analysis was realized by the Shapiro-Wilkins, Student test, Pearson's and Spearman's correlation, with statistic significance for values from p < 0,05. RESULTS: There was no data normality for the label index CD34 (p= 0,019), there was normality in the analysis of the optical density of both markers and label index of the marker Caspase-3. There was no difference relating to the average of the index marker and the optical density when they were compared. CONCLUSIONS: There was a tendency to correlate the label index and the optical density of the tumor marker caspase-3, the same did not occur with the tumor marker CD 34. Other analysis did not show any correlation between the two studied markers. Other studies involving theses two cell processes are needed to extend the knowledge of the cancer biomolecular mechanic and to permit new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Breast Neoplasms; Apoptosis; Immunohistochemistry; Image cytometry

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