Expensive therapy of vascular trauma

Ricardo Costa-Val Maria Cristina Marques About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To analyze all expenses paid to the first surgical approached for vascular lesion patients admitted at Hospital João XXIII/FHEMIG, between years 2004 until 2006. METHOD: It is about an ethical approved study, retrospective and descriptive from audit over 70 eligible patients enrolled by Cardiovascular Service. RESULTS: Five (7,14%) patient's files were excluded for bad quality records. The costs were R$ 103.614,96 (US$ 60.949,97) and R$ 185.888,21 (US$ 109.346,0), a 44% sliding scale for endowment from Brazilian Public System and private medical assistance estimative, respectively. Indeed, the data showed direct relationship between costs and anatomic topographic and exponential increased expenses when blood and/or vascular prosthesis were utilized. CONCLUSION: Audit in health system is a must to making decision and evidences the expensive therapy for vascular lesions.

Wounds and injuries; Technology, high-cost; Financial audit

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