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Evaluation of palpebral subtarsal approach in surgical treatment of orbito-zigomatic fractures

Carlos Alberto Timóteo José Francisco de Salles Chagas Abrão Rapoport Odilon Victor Porto Denardin About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the complications, advantages and disadvantages of the subtarsal approach when used to exposure the orbital rim and orbital floor in orbitozygomatic fractures. METHODS: Retrospective study of the 41 subtarsal incisions that were used in 39 patients with fractures of the zygomatic complex and/or orbital floor, of blowout type, between January 2002 and December 2006. RESULTS: The observed complications were conjunctivitis, epiphora and noticeable scar, in six (14,6%), five (12,2%) and two (4.9%) of the cases, respectively. There was no ectropion, entropion or scleral show in the patients reevaluated. CONCLUSIONS: The main advantages of this approach are the esthetic result together with the transoperative benefits.

Orbital fractures; Zygomatic fractures; Eyelids; Surgery

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