Interval cytoreduction in advanced ovarian cancer: Santa Casa São Paulo experience

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the interval cytoreduction in patients with advanced ovarian cancer. METHODS: A prospective study was carried out with 25 patients with advanced ovarian cancer (stages IIIC or IV) who underwent interval cytoreduction. Nonresectability criteria were based on the ones from Gustave-Rousy Institute. After induction chemotherapy and rapprochement we evaluated the rates of optimal surgery and the morbidity and mortality of the procedure in addition to the overall survival at two years. RESULTS: optimal cytoreduction was possible in 17 patients (68%) with morbidity and mortality from 8% to 4%. The overall survival at two years was 68%. CONCLUSION: The interval cytoreduction is an alternative therapy in advanced ovarian cancer, allowing optimal cytoreduction opportunity to patients suffering from unresectable disease, with acceptable morbidity and mortality.

Ovarian Neoplasms; Neoplasm stanging; Survival amalysis; Female

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