Vocal warm-up and cool-down: systematic review

Vanessa Veis Ribeiro Letícia Fernandez Frigo Gabriele Rodrigues Bastilha Carla Aparecida Cielo About the authors


For this literature review, we researched national and international scientific publications on vocal warm-up and cool-down of the speaking voice, through databases such as Lilacs, MedLine and Scielo, in order to identify and describe the methodological parameters and the effects of the vocal warm-up and cool-down proposals that are described in national and international literature. We performed the location and selection of studies through a survey of texts published on the theme from 1999 to 2013. We included original research articles; published in Portuguese or English; with emphasis on vocal warm-up and cool-down; associated or not. The recommended time of execution for warm-up ranged from 15 to 30 minutes or three sets of 15 repetitions, and the cool-down from 5 to 15min. The most used exercises for warm-up were voiced fricative sounds and vibrant of tongue or lips, in ascending scales, and for the vocal cool-down the nasal sounds, fricative sounds and vibrant of tongue or lips, in descending scales, were the most used exercises. The exercises showed positive vocal changes, observed by vocal acoustic and auditory-perceptual vocal and, self-evaluation and aerodynamic related to phonation. There was unanimity on the importance of completing the vocal warm-up and cool-down for voice professionals and on the positive results after carrying out the procedures. There was no agreement on the time of execution and on the exercises that were used.

Warm-up Exercise; Voice Quality; Voice Training; Voice; Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

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