Pediatric test of speech intelligibility with ipsilateral competitive message: narrative review about its applicability

Fernanda Freitas Vellozo Valdete Alves Valentins dos Santos Filha Maristela Julio Costa Eliara Pinto Vieira Biaggio Michele Vargas Garcia About the authors


Auditory Processing is the capacity of the nervous system has to use the information that comes by hearing. The auditory skills are necessary in order to occur the information processing. Behavioral tests are used to evaluate auditory processing disorders such as Pediatric Test of Speech Intelligibility with Ipsilateral Competitive Message (PSI/MCI), which assesses the ability of figure-ground for verbal sounds. This research is narrative review that aims to identify the applicability of PSI test, in the last ten years. A search of the Lilacs, PubMed, Medline, IBCS and SciELO databases was used as descriptors: auditory perception, hearing tests, auditory perceptual disorders, hearing, comprehension, combined with the word PSI. 52 items were found, being selected, read in their entirety and only eight papers were analyzed. It was observed a large variability in their application, proving to be an important assessment tool in different populations and age groups.

Auditory Perception; Hearing Tests; Auditory Perceptual Disorders; Hearing; Comprehension

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