Vertigo complaint and blood hypertension

Luciana Lozza de Moraes Marchiori Eduardo de Almeida Rego Filho About the authors

PURPOSE: to investigate the presence of vertigo complaint in middle-aged hypertension patients. METHODS: a transversal study. Composed by 154 patients of both genders, aged from 45 to 64 years, included in the research after sample estimation. Hypertension was verified through blood pressure readings and by a systematized questionnaire about hypertension and the use of medication for blood pressure. Vertigo was assessed through audiological anamneses. RESULTS: there is a significant association between blood hypertension and vertigo. CONCLUSION: the results in this research, through evidence of association between blood hypertension and vertigo complaint, can be a base for health professionals concerned with alterations caused by blood hypertension.

Hypertension; Vertigo; Dizziness; Quality of Life; Middle Aged

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