Aspects of religiousness in the vocal health of worship group singers

PURPOSE: to identify aspects of religiousness in the knowledge and practices related to the use of voice and vocal health care in participants of Worship Groups. METHODS: qualitative research involving data extracted from drawings and written statements about voice, open questionnaire and focal group, placed into categories based on the content analysis/thematic analysis. RESULTS: submitted according to the following categories and attributes: socio-cultural (relation to people and God), essential component, evangelization, professional, vocal health and vocal parameters. CONCLUSION: the research showed that subjects recognize the value and importance of voice, especially in order to communicate with God and for evangelization practices; in addition to the prevalence of religious believes and praying among the practices of care related to general and vocal health. The research showed needs, knowledge and practices concerning the use of voice and vocal health and affirms the relationship between spirituality/religiousness, showing that this relation is important and cannot be neglected by speech and language therapists who intend to work with the promotion of vocal health among gospel singers.

Voice; Religion; Health Promotion; Culture

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