This is the fourth number of CEFAC Journal with 35 scientific contributions in the fields of audiology, language, public health, dysphagia, orofacial motricity and voice.

As for the original articles, Silva, Dias and Pereira present the first contribution on the Study of the auditory processes of temporal resolution and auditory figure-ground in dancers. The second contribution is from Peruzzo, Ceolin and Quevedo on theSatisfaction of hearing implant users. Guerra, Sampaio, Oliveira and Serra wrote the third on the Knowledge of cochlear implants in Federal District audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and otolaryngologists.

The fourth contribution is from Costa, Ganthous, Santos and Giacheti on the Characterization of behavior profile and social competence of individuals with the del22q11.2 syndrome. Passaglio, Souza, Souza, Scopel and Lemos present the fifith contribution on the Phonological and lexical profile: relationship with environmental factors. Group processes with family members: the perception of undergraduates in speech and language pathology is the sixth contribution written by Carvalho, Chun and Montilha. Costa, Cavalcante and Dell'Aglio present the seventh contribution on the Language development profile of children in Belem, according to Denver developmental screening test. The study Effects of workshops about storytelling through children's books realized with deaf children relatives is the eighth contribution by Nascimento and Kessler.

The study entitled Relation between phonological development and writing initial learning in different socio-educational settings is the ninth contribution from the authors Silva, Cordeiro, Queiroga, Rosal, Carvalho and Roazzi. Soares, Porto, Marco, Azoni and Capelatto present the tenth contribution entitled Influence of the physical activity on motor performance of children with learning difficulties. The eleventh contribution by Santos, Lynce, Carvalho, Cacela and Mineiro on the Mean length of utterance-words in children with typical language development aged 4 to 5 years. The twelfth contribution by Cielo and Ribeiro discuss the Voice self-assessment of professors at Santa Maria city/RS, Brazil. College choir: self-reported symptoms vocal and handicap vocal in singing is the thirteenth contribution from Rezende, Irineu and Dornelas.

The study entitled Acoustic analysis of children's voices: phonatory deviation diagram contributions is the fourteenth contribution by Lopes, Lima, Azevedo and Silva. Ferracciu and Santos present the fifteenth study on Coping strategies and profile voice activities participation in teachers of public schools with and without voice disorders. The sixteenth contribution by Spagnol and Cassol is on Comparative study on the vocal profile of professional theater actors and student actors. The study entitled Dentofacial deformities: orofacial myofunctional characteristics is the seventeenth contribution authored by Trench and Araújo. Passos, Conti, Filho and Berretin-Felix present the eighteenth contribution entitled The occurrence of temporomandibular disorders in subjects presented with dentofacial deformities.

Authors Schillo and Lopes present the nineteenth contribution on Hearing health network characterisation in a specific region of Santa Catarina State. The twenty contribution is on the Preterm and late preterm infants: their differences and breastfeedingfrom the authors Silva and Guedes. The theme The work of speech therapists under support centers for family health (NASF) - specificities of primary carefrom the authors Soleman and Martins is the twenty-first contribution.

The twenty-second contribution is on Epidemiologic aspects of mortality from oral cancer: understanding the risks to enable the early detection of changes in communication from the authors Aquino, Lima, Menezes and Rodrigues. The article Denver II: proposed behaviors compared to those of children from São Paulo from the authors Pinto, Isotani, Sabatés and Perissinoto is the twenty-third contribution. Pereira, Brito, Rodrigues and Araújo present the twenty-fourth contribution entitled The cup offered by caregivers to premature newborns in hospital.

Clinical criteria used by health professionals for release oral diet in hospitalized adults patients is the twenty-fifth contribution from the authors é a Furmann and Costa. The twenty-sixth contribution is from Melo, Monteiro and Garcia entitled Oral language of hearing impaired adolescents: phonoaudiological evaluation and teachers report.

The literature review article entitled Laryngeal cancer treatment: review of literature published over the last ten years authored by Pacheco, Goulart and Almeida is the twenty-seventh contribution The twenty-eighth contribution is on the Chewing alterations in removable dental prosthesis users: systematic reviewfrom the authors Mac-Kay, Véliz, Calderón and Aránguiz. Auditory training benefits to the hearing aids users- a systematic review is the twenty-ninth contribution from the authors Beier, Pedroso and Costa-Ferreira.

Use of protocols for quality of life in dysphagia: literature review authored by Gonçalves, Bastilha, Costa and Mancopes is the thirty contribution. The thirty-first contribution is from Christmann, Brancalioni, Freitas, Vargas, Keske-Soares, Mezzomo and Mota entitled Use of the program mdvp in different contexts: a literature review.

Muniz, Paiva and Araújo present the thirty-second contribution entitled Practice of speech therapy in congenital hydrocephalus with ventriculoperitoneal shunt: a case report. The thirty-third contribution is a case report authored by Cunha, Gelatti and Cardoso about Speech-language clinical pattern in a neurogenic dysphagia case through oculo-pharyngeal muscular dystrophy. Fernandes and Montilha present the thirty-fourth and final contribution entitled The comprehensive evaluation in speech therapy for people with visual impairments: a case report.

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