Optimal plot size in the evaluation of papaya scions: proposal and comparison of methods1 This paper is part of the Master's dissertation of the first author.

Tamanho ótimo de parcela na avaliação de mudas de mamoeiro: proposta e comparação de métodos

Humberto Felipe Celanti Edilson Romais Schmildt Omar Schmildt Rodrigo Sobreira Alexandre Laercio Francisco Cattaneo About the authors


Evaluating the quality of scions is extremely important and it can be done by characteristics of shoots and roots. This experiment evaluated height of the aerial part, stem diameter, number of leaves, petiole length and length of roots of papaya seedlings. Analyses were performed from a blank trial with 240 seedlings of "Golden Pecíolo Curto". The determination of the optimum plot size was done by applying the methods of maximum curvature, maximum curvature of coefficient of variation and a new proposed method, which incorporates the bootstrap resampling simulation to the maximum curvature method. According to the results obtained, five is the optimal number of seedlings of papaya "Golden Pecíolo Curto" per plot. The proposed method of bootstrap simulation with replacement provides optimal plot sizes equal or higher than the maximum curvature method and provides same plot size than maximum curvature method of the coefficient of variation.

Key words:
Carica papaya L; experimental design; experimental precision

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