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Centesimal composition and antioxidant compounds of two fruits from the Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah) 1 ¹This work is part of the first author's course work

Composição centesimal e compostos antioxidantes de dois frutos do Cerrado brasileiro

Maria Carolina de Lima Guilherme Vannucchi Portari About the authors


This study presents data on the centesimal composition and antioxidant compounds content of two Brazilian Cerrado fruits: Bromelia balansae Mez (gravata) and Inga laurina (Sw) Willd (inga). The centesimal composition followed the methodology recommended by the Adolfo Lutz Institute, except for lipids in which the method proposed by Bligh and Dyer was used. The dosage of vitamin C was performed by the spectrophotometric method and the Folin-Ciocalteu method was used for the phenolic compounds. In relation to the centesimal composition, both fruits presented high moisture content. Regarding proteins and lipids, the values ​​found in the experiment were low, as well as the ashes in Inga laurina (Sw) Willd. Bromelia balansae Mez presented a considerable amount of ashes, on the carbohydrates both fruits are approximate the content found in fruits such as apple (15.2%). As for the antioxidant compounds, the fruits stood out when compared with others of this same biome, especially the phenolics. The selected fruits present considerable phenolic contents. Regarding the nutritional composition, both fruits presented low protein, lipids and caloric content, and the ashes, moisture, and carbohydrates were the most important when compared to other fruits of the same biome. The presence of phenolics and vitamin C make this fruit a promising source of antioxidant compounds whose cultivation should be stimulated.

Bromelia balansae Mez; gravatá; Inga laurina (Sw) Willd; ingá; micronutrients

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