Different propagules and auxin concentration on rooting of passionflower sandbank

Diferentes propágulos e concentrações de auxina no enraizamento de maracujazeiro-de-restinga

Rodrigo Sobreira Alexandre Poliana Rangel Costa Kristhiano Chagas Livia Giro Mayrinck João Antônio Dutra Giles Edilson Romais Schmildt About the authors


Passiflora mucronata Lam. is resistant to Fusarim oxysporum f. passifloraceae and therefore can be used as rootstock for the species Passiflora edulis Sims. f. flavicarpa. The rootstocks in this case can be vegetatively propagated through cuttings. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of different types of cuttings and different concentrations of indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) on the adventitious rooting of P. mucronata. The experiments were arranged in a completely randomized design with four replications of 16 cuttings each. In Experiment 1, the treatments consisted of the different types of cuttings from mother plants grown in protected environment: shoot tips; two leaves and two nodes; one leaf and one node; leafless with two nodes; leafless with one node. In Experiment 2, the cuttings were taken from field plants and treated with the following IBA concentrations: 0; 1000 mg kg-1 (0.0036456 mol L-1); 1500 mg kg-1 (0.0054684 mol L-1) and 2000 mg kg-1 (0.0072912 mol L-1). The characteristics evaluated in the experiments 1 and 2 were: survival (1 and 2); budding (1 and 2); shoot number (2), shoot length (2), number of shoot leaves (2);shoot dry mass (2); callusing (1); rooting (1 and 2); root number (1 and 2), largest root length (1 and 2), root volume (1 and 2), and root dry mass (1 and 2). We found that, instead the shoot tips, the cuttings of the type leafless with two nodes are the best for P. mucronata rooting. Neither the cuttings from greenhouse plants nor the cuttings from field plants require growth regulators for rooting of P. mucronata cuttings of the type leafless with two nodes.

Passiflora mucronata Lam.; vegetative propagation; cutting; auxin

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