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Capital intelectual: verdades e mitos

Maria Thereza Pompa Antunes Eliseu Martins About the authors

It has been said many times that the statements provided by Financial Accounting do not give a picture of certain realities of companies nowadays, considering the fact that, often, the accounting value of shares is below their market value.This contrast between the two values is being identified as Intellectual Capital and presented as a new concept of business administration that leads to the necessity of applying new strategies, a new management philosophy and new ways of company valuation. This article demonstrates the relation that actually exists between Accountancy and Intellectual Capital. The novelty of the concept is demystified since it is proven that Intellectual Capital constitutes a component part of Goodwill , a concept that has been known and studied by Accountancy for ages.The intangible elements have always been dealt with by Accountancy and, in the same way as their importance has never been disregarded, their complexity has never been underestimated. Therefore, Accountancy is not defective in its publication of the information it registers.The purpose of each of the Financial Statements must be understood, as well as the Principles on which they are built. Sometimes, the lack of knowledge leads to precipitated and erroneous conclusions. On the other hand, whichever the label attributed to the intangible elements, which have always been a part of organizations, it is understood and accepted that, nowadays, the knowledge about and administration of these elements are more and more relevant for company management, since the current time is characterized by the widespread application of the knowledge resource by man, which is materialized into new technologies, systems and services (understood as intangible assets) that add value to the organizations.

Intellectual Capital; Goodwill; Intangible Assets; Knowledge Society

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