Effect of the Adoption of IFRS on the Information Relevance of Accounting Profits in Brazil

Mateus Alexandre Costa dos Santos Paulo Roberto Nóbrega Cavalcante About the authors

This study aimed to assess the effect of adopting the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Brazil on the information relevance of accounting profits of publicly traded companies. International studies have shown that the adoption of IFRS improves the quality of accounting information compared with domestic accounting standards. Concurrent evidence is sparse in Brazil. Information relevance is understood herein as a multidimensional attribute that is closely related to the quality and usefulness of the information conveyed by accounting profits. The associative capacity and information timeliness of accounting profits in relation to share prices were examined. Furthermore, the level of conditional conservatism present in accounting profits was also analyzed because according to Basu (1997)Basu, S. (1997). The conservatism principle and the asymmetric timeliness of earnings. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 24 (1), 3-37., this aspect is related to timeliness. The study used pooled regressions and panel data models to analyze the quarterly accounting profits of 246 companies between the first quarter of 1999 and the first quarter of 2013, resulting in 9,558 quarter-company observations. The results indicated that the adoption of IFRS in Brazil (1) increased the associative capacity of accounting profits; (2) reduced information timeliness to non-significant levels; and (3) had no effect on conditional conservatism. The joint analysis of the empirical evidence from the present study conclusively precludes stating that the adoption of IFRS in Brazil contributed to an increase the information relevance of accounting profits of publicly traded companies.

IFRS in Brazil; associative capacity; information timeliness; onservatism

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