Food and Human Rights in the Central Prison in Porto Alegre

This paper seeks to determine the reality of the preparation, distribution and quantity of food offered in the Central Prison of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, to the detainees. It was developed using qualitative methodology, from on-site observations and interviews conducted in february 2010 with prisoners, officers and technicians who work in thekitchen of this prison. It was noted that prisoners like the food received and did not complain of issues relating to hygiene or quality. So even though the food is not produced in compliance to minimum standards of hygiene, the criticism in this sense comes only by guests (politicians, judges, prosecutors, and defenders of human rights) that belong to another class and therefore have a different taste (Bourdieu). So, although human rights are not met in this prison unit (especially with regard to over crowding), one can say that, with regard to food, the service is satisfactory.

Food; Presídio Central; Human Rights; Porto Alegre

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