Unity in diversity: the principles of Cosmopolitan Law and its role in the establishment of a world currency

Fernando dos Santos Lopes

The objective of this work is to verify whether it is possible and how you can use the cosmopolitan law to rebuild the current world order according to principles of justice, a way to achieve everlasting peace and eliminate poverty. It will be exposed to the fundamentals of cosmopolitan law, contrasting them with the power relations prevailing in the international arena that are characterized as asymmetrical interdependence. Based on the premise that contemporary societies can be understood as systems that oscillate between cooperation and conflict, will be analyzing the institutional structures that underlie social tension, especially the functioning of the international monetary system. After identifying the institutional factors that cause conflict and poverty will be analyzed the proposal offered by keynes at Bretton Woods to create a world reserve currency, which will be done in order to determine whether this proposal fits to the fundamentals of Cosmopolitan in the sense of being a means of eliminating injustice removing therefore the main obstacle to the achievement of peace.

Cosmopolitan Law; Global Currency; Principles of Justice

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