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The Constitutional Amendment 45 and the acess to the justice

This article analysis the 45th Amendment to the Brazilian Constitution, focusing on the possibilities that this rule has in enlarge the access to the justice in this country. This study is related to the area "right and legal security" because it is going to verify if this lawful alteration is able to improve the access that the people has to the Brazilian judiciary. Therefore, beyond a revision about the Constitution and reforms of the Brazilian Judicial System and the theoretical framework related to the access to the justice, this article overhauled other researches about the routine and organizational structure of the judiciary state courts. The results aim that, despite the 45th Constitutional Amendment intends to changes the judiciary system as a role; some of its disposition those could be done through the fulfillment of the existing extraordinary legislation. Therefore, the National Council of Justice appears to be the major transformation in that scenario.

Constitutional Amendment 45; institutional analysis; access to justice; judicial reform

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