Analysis of international provisions about technology transfer: incidence on Cuba

This article discusses the treatment applied within various international organizations on the transfer of technology from the perspective of industrial property. Efforts have been made internationally to achieve a multilateral legally binding on those aspects of technology transfer, and this was reduced to a minimum set of provisions contained in the Trips Agreement. The author performed a critical analysis of the advantages of this set of rules for developing countries and their contribution to the promotion of technological Innovation and transfer and dissemination of technology. This article also assesses the transfer of technology in two ways from the legislative perspective and from a practical standpoint, from a diagnosis that was made in order to analyse the level of knowledge among the negotiators to engage in this type of business, and if the conditions set forth in these contracts are favourable for the Cuban technological and economic development.

Ttechnology Transfer; International Organizations; TRIPs Agreement; WIPO; Licenses Agreements; Industrial Property

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