Nursing assistance and pain in orthopedic patients during anesthetic recovery in Brazil

Gisele Reis de Paula Vanda dos Santos Reis Flávia Alves Ribeiro Maria Teresa Gagliazzi About the authors

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Pain is noxious for the recovery of patients submitted to orthopedic surgery. This study aimed at describing information on the pain experience of patients in the postoperative period of orthopedic surgeries in the post-anesthetic recovery unit (PACU), which may be useful for the Nursing assistance. CONTENTS: This is a qualitative study using BIREME's platform databases to collect information. The aims were articles meeting the following and previously established inclusion criteria and data were collected by online search. Information was approached by the Dialectic Hermeneutics method. After this approach, the following categories were surveyed: "Regional anesthesia decreases postoperative pain in orthopedic surgeries", "Therapy for postoperative pain of orthopedic surgeries", "Evaluation helps pain management in the postoperative period of orthopedic surgeries". CONCLUSION: Postoperative pain control is important for orthopedic patients and regional anesthesia may provide preventive analgesia for the immediate postoperative period. The nursing team shall establish the nursing diagnosis and interventions shall be preceded by the evaluation of intensity, quality and factors interfering with pain felt by orthopedic patients.

Acute pain; Orthopedic surgery; Perioperative nursing; Recovery room

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