Foot pain in the elderly associated to functional incapacity

Sabrina Canhada Ferrari Prato Fânia Cristina Santos Virgínia Fernandes Moça Trevisani About the authors

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Foot pain in elderly people may interfere with gait balance and cycle and may contribute for functional incapacity in the geriatric population. This study aimed at evaluating the frequency of functional incapacity associated to foot pain in elderly people. METHOD: Participated in this study 100 elderly people aged 60 years, with foot pain intensity of 30 mm by the pain visual analog scale (VAS). Types of feet and their injuries, types of shoes, falls, their circumstances and consequences were evaluated. Manchester Foot Pain Disability Index (MFPDI) and VAS at rest and movement, dynamic gait index and instrumental activity of daily life scale (IADL) were applied. Sperman and multiple regression tests were used for statistical analysis with significance level of 5% (p < 0.05). RESULTS: There has been prevalence of functional incapacity associated to foot pain above 50%. Univariate analysis has shown significant correlations of functional incapacity associated to foot pain and foot pain intensity at movement (p < 0.002), with the level of functional independence for IADL (p < 0.001), and with gait functionality, balance and risk for falls (p < 0.003), with significant association with the latter. The same correlations were significant in the multivariate analysis (p < 0.005). CONCLUSION: Functional incapacity associated to foot pain was highly prevalent in the elderly and was significantly correlated to foot pain intensity at movement, to the level of functional independence for IADL and to gait / balance functionality and risk for falls.

Elderly; Foot diseases; Pain

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