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Luci Longo Fernando De Souza Meirelles About the authors


This article comes from research that sought to deepen existing discussions on the evaluation of IT investments and to assess their impact on organizational performance. The goal was to identify and analyze the impacts of spending and investments in information technology in the financial performance of Brazilian industries. The results allowed to state that the industries that have invested in Information Technology (IT), from 2001 to 2011, had higher growth of its operating revenue and improved operating results compared to the industries that invested less in the period. We adopted a research model that used accounting and financial indicators and IT spending metrics, also the combination of statistical techniques for analysis in several of doing thesis work. The study population was composed of Brazilian companies, which were publicly traded, from the industrial sector, with active stocks at BOVESPA, totaling 119 companies. Through a survey, additional data were obtained related to expenditures and investments in IT, the semi-structured questionnaires were sent directly to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). These efforts in collecting data, gave the possibility of obtaining a significant sample, with 53% of the population. Empirical research culminated with the adoption by the Generalized Method of Moments (GMM), a dynamic econometric model, satisfying the requirements of the Arellano-Bond (1991) model. This model was more suitable to treat possible spurious correlations; allowing identify the cost/expenditures and IT investments in two previous periods, (IGTIt-2) impacted in current Operating Income (ROPt), reflecting the lag effect. The main variable of IT research, IGTI is calculated through the sum of expenditures and annual IT investments (OPEX/CAPEX), divided by the annual net Operating Revenue. For future research, there is the possibility of seeking measures of evaluation by types of IT investment, linked to each investment and could also be used time dummies in the regressions, to mitigate the confirmed results and potential interference with the performance.

Information Technology (IT); IT investments; Impact of IT investments; Cost of IT

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